Domain taken over

The internet domain names contained in the list below were registered to a Mr David Parkinson of Ipswich, UK without authority and without his knowledge and as part of identity fraud.

The true registrant was “John Doe (a person unknown and fraudulently using the identity of David Parkinson)”. The unknown person is believed to be from China.

Payment for these domain registrations was made by an unknown third party.

Nominet UK has now added the email address of the real David Parkinson at the above address to the registrations. This has allowed Mr Parkinson to become aware of all these registrations obtained by identity fraud. It has also allowed him to take over the domains by a change of name-server and as a result the domains only now contain this notice.

A police report is now being made by David Parkinson to the City of London Police’s ‘action fraud’ line of this identity fraud.

David Parkinson has no connection with any of the activities that may have previously taken place in respect of this domain name and was not aware of such activities.

If you believe you have any rights in this domain, please contact ADL Legal LLP on +44 200 888 0250 (Dr Nick Lockett will assist you). You will be required to prove your identify and provide a verified statement.